CARPA: Pulled Pork


In collaboration with Lauren Sinner // Through CARPA: Operation Pulled Pork

Portland is currently going through a transitional period where both new technologies and traditional craft are surging in the community. Urban Camouflage utilizes both of these trends to provide a means for agents to communicate with one another in a secret manner. This collaboration utilizes both Lauren’s (codename: dazzleweave) traditional (weaving/sewing) craft skills with Aaron’s (codename: opticthunder) digital (coding/light manipulation) skills.

Urban Camouflage aims to:
– Conceal agents at night in an urban environment
– Teach both traditional and digital craft skills
– Use accessible and readily available technologies
– Collect, combine, and create woven illuminated woven patches
– Use woven fiber optic filament and 3D printed enclosures
– Attach to any article of clothing agents choose
– Communicate with one another through light
– Be versatile to the needs of an agent